An Overview of Japanese Chopstick Manners

There are a handful things you should, however, bear in mind and never do when eating in a Japanese eatery or around Japanese people.

Uncertain of their nature?

Following are some chopstick taboos and items to avoid when using chopsticks to consume.

Chopsticks Should Be Raised Vertically

Chopsticks being placed vertically in a dish is one of the largest and most common taboos. A dish of rice is traditionally left at funerals in Japan, with two chopsticks positioned upright in the middle. It’s considered unlucky to put chopsticks erect in a dish. Contact Taste Master for Japanese mayonnaise Dubai!

Putting away the potential for bad omen, using your chopsticks as a rest is actually frowned upon in many Asian nations. Disposable utensils can also be creatively rested on the sack they were packaged in.

Transferring Food from One Chopstick to Another

Sharing food by giving it to someone else with your chopsticks and having them receive it with theirs is another “deadly” error.

This prohibition also pertains to funerals. Chopsticks are used to transfer the deceased’s bone fragments from one individual to the next at funerals in Japan.

Next time, consider twice about whether you want to share that piece of toriniku or just retain it for yourself.

A bowl with chopsticks across it

During a meal, crossing your chopsticks over your platter signals to the cook and your dining companions that you no longer desire your food. This could be gross if you haven’t completed dining.

Additionally, it’s polite to hold your utensils upright rather than crossed when not in use. If you’re handed disposable chopsticks, you should put them on the wrapping they came in (and put them back inside when you’re done eating).

Place your chopsticks along the left border of your plate if they are not disposable. Make sure they are positioned collectively and don’t overlap.

Talking While Using Chopsticks and Your Hands

Put your utensils down before you begin speaking if you tend to converse with your hands while you are eating. It’s impolite to gesture with your utensils while waving them around in the air.

Food Stabbing

Chopsticks are not firearms, so don’t use them as such (at least, let’s hope not).

It’s impolite to use one or both sticks to stab your meal when picking it up. Additionally, using one chopstick as a knife or to skewer something is rude and disrespectful.

As if the tools were connected, they must be used together every time. Call us for sushi food delivery!

Floating Above Food

While choosing what to consume, try not to move your hand or utensils from dish to dish.

Instead of only bringing your favourites every time, it is recommended to sample a bit of each dish. If you’re having trouble deciding what to consume next, just pick something at random because there’s usually ample food to go around.